Roof Painting

Roof Painting

Your roof has a huge influence on the appearance of your home, so make sure it’s looking great by investing in a high quality paint job.

Painter Paints Roof of House

Hand Painting for a Better Result

Roof Painted by Hand

Our small team of painters will take the greatest care of your tiles by hand painting using a traditional block brush method thus ensuring a higher quality paint finish that will outlast sprayed paint methods.

High Quality Paint Designed for Roof Use

We use Plascon Nuroof, a superior quality paint specially formulated for roofs. Nuroof provides an extremely durable weather coating system and is environmentally friendly, reducing greenhouse gasses while cooling your home.  

Save Money on Power

By getting your roof painted, you’ll reduce its surface temperature by approximately 10 °C, which will in turn reduce the temperature of the interior of your home by up to 8°C. With a cooler home, you’ll use the air-conditioner less, saving a substantial amount on electricity.

Often a Roof Cleaning will Suffice.

Roof painting is an expensive exercise due to the amount of paint required to cover properly. Consider simply getting a roof cleaning instead.


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