How to Protect Your Wood: Timber Preservative

  • 15 Nov, 2013
  • Peter Atmore

Long lasting Timber

As we head towards summer, many of our clients are asking us questions about the treatment of exterior wood surfaces. As a result of the wet winter we have just experienced, many of our fences, sheds, balconies, window frames and decks are looking a little worn! Our balcony at home has been neglected, and as a result the finish started to blister.

One must not forget that wood is an organic material that starts to dry and decompose as soon as it is cut down. This results in it losing its natural oils and moisture, becoming dry and brittle. Left to fend for itself, timber will quickly absorb rain and dew, causing it to soften and swell. Under harsh sunlight, unprotected timber will become dry and dull very quickly. The continuous cycles of wet and dry weather causes expansion and contraction resulting in cracks furthered by rot, decay and staining.

So, if this is news to you, then you might want to consider a maintenance program using timber preservative that will ensure the long life of all your exterior wooden surfaces.

 Wood Surface Preparation

If the surface of your timber is in bad shape (blistering or flaking) then you are going to have to spend extra time preparing before applying preservative . Use sand paper to smooth the surface of the wood. Depending on the condition you may need to use a belt sander machine which is able penetrate the grime & dirt that has collected in the grain.

Timber Preservative

Timber preservative is a blend of synthetic resin, oil, wax and preservative, providing deep-down protection. It is not a varnish, nor is it a paint; it is designed to enhance the natural beauty of wood, highlighting the grain. It works by saturating the pores of the wood to prevent water penetration and in thereby preventing expansion and contraction. Timber preservative is easily applied and is an economical way of providing long-lasting protection. Reapplying this product requires little or no effort; by adhering to a yearly maintenance program you will ensure long life for your wood.

Now go get your home ready for summer and remember we are always a phone call away!

 Wood Product We Use:

Dulux Woodguard Preservative.

Dulux wood preservative

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Yusuf Solomons
HiI'm treating pine, I bought the dark oak but really want something darker, can I add something like a darker stain?Many thanks

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