Choosing a Paint: an Introduction

  • 3 Oct, 2013
  • Peter Atmore

Summer is around the corner! Getting a fresh coat of paint can do wonders to your home and get it into the mood. Having a basic understanding of the different types of paint products, their characteristics and uses can help you make an informed choice that will save you time, effort and money.

You might have heard of “acrylic”, “PVA” and “enamel”. In this blog post we will look at the most popular Plascon & Duluxe paints, explaining their uses, finishes and key characteristics.

Enamel vs Acrylic

Acrylic paint is water-based paint where the water serves as the vehicle/binder for an emulsion(suspension) of acrylic polymer in the paint. They are fast-drying and become water-resistant when dry, making it great for application on interior and exterior wall surfaces.

Enamel Paint differs from acrylic as it uses an oil emulsion, giving it a hard glossy finish. Normally used on timber surfaces it offers great protection for variations in temperature. It is also a much slower drying paint.


Types of Plascon Paint

Polvin – one of Plascon’s flagship products is an acrylic paint with a matt finish. It is economical, dries within an hour, will last seven years as guaranteed, but is not easily washable. We recommend Polvin for interior use.

Double velvet – an acrylic paint with velvet sheen, it is hard-wearing making it perfect for high traffic areas in your house. This is a high end interior paint that is lead free and washes well.

Cashmere – an acrylic paint with a matte finish for interior & exterior use. This is one of Plascon’s premium products and has a protective barrier for a long lasting finish.

Micatex – an acrylic exterior paint that has a finely textured finish, giving it a sand/grit look. This middle of the range paint contains ‘mica and marble’ which gives it great stretchability and makes it suitable for painting over hairline cracks.

Wall & All– with a suede sheen finish, this exterior acrylic paint is the most expensive. It has a unique dirt barrier formulation protecting it from dirt and mould growth. It also has high coverage and is nice to work with.

Velvaglo – with a satin sheen finish, this non drip enamel paint is great for skirting boards, windows, and dado rails. It is lead free making it safe for children.


Dulux paint logoLuxurious Silk – this interior acrylic paint has a mid sheen finish. It is often seen as the equivalent to Plascon’s Double Velvet. It is easily washable, making it great for bedrooms, lounges and even kitchens.

Rich Matt – with an ultra matt finish, this interior acrylic paint is stain resistant making it great for high traffic areas.

Pearl glow – Similar to Plascons Velvaglo,  this satin enamel can be used for interior and exterior surfaces.  It has a water based formulation, and is knock and chip resistant making it hardy.

Gloss Enamel – a high gloss enamel paint used for doors and trims. Can be applied to interior & exterior surfaces.

Weather Guard Ultra Smooth – made famous by the picture of the fluffy dog, this acrylic paint is weather resistant and protects against dirt. It is equivalent to Plascon’s Micatex but doesn’t have the sand/grit finish.


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