5 Considerations before approving a Painting contractor

  • 11 Jul, 2015
  • Peter Atmore


Many of my clients have shared horror stories, from builders abandoning projects, painters who never pitched and electricians installing ‘SABSless’ products. I can’t help but wonder if this could be avoided by following a few steps.

It can often be daunting having total strangers on your property, going for the cheapest quote can often end in tears, and being ripped off always leaves a bad taste in your mouth. So I’ve put together 5 points of consideration before accepting a quotation.


Consideration 1

Do a Google check! This can often be the easiest way to see if a company is legit. Make sure they have a landline number and physical address displayed on their website so you can trace them. Avoid companies with google stock images pasted everywhere on their webpages as this can often be misleading.

Consideration 2

Arrange a meeting with tIMG_5162he business owner or project manager before work commences. This will help get a feel for the company and hopefully keep you at ease before D-day.

Consideration 3

In the construction and painting industry they say you only as good as your last project. If you still feel uneasy then ask for a reference list of the past five jobs the company has completed. Speak with the previous clients and ask if they were happy with the workmanship and service.

Consideration 4

If you have the luxury of time, then get three companies to quote. Remember price is always relative to what you receiving so it’s imperative not to confuse price, affordability and value. Ask yourself what value is each quoting company adding above and beyond the scope of work. This will ensure you comparing apples with apples.

Consideration 5

Always agree on a payment structure before commencing work. An initial payment and then a final payment upon completion of work are standard.



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